10 ways to control your anger

2 min readJul 4, 2022

Generally we all suffer from lose temparament at some point of our lives. Here are 10 ways to control your anger that I always find useful.

1. Physical Excercise:

It is known fact, that Some form of Physical Excercise helps you gain a little bit more control your body hence more control over mind as mind and body are connected and thus more control over the situation.

2. Go to Fairs and try the ride you fear most:

It is another proven fact that more you kill yourself in daily routine, more you out stronger, body has its defence mechanism, more you hold your breath, strong will be your urge to breath and for the next time you will be more equipped hence, more comfortable for an uncomfortable situation.

3. Play your favourite playlist:

This is straight out of my artillary, when you are in a bad mood, try playing your collection of favourite songs, but remember it will only work when you don’t use it too often.

4. Take a shower/Go for a swim:

It is a proven fact that taking shower or immersing yourself in water for sometime, has a cleaneasing as well as anti-radiation effect on your body. So, taking shower can help you cut down effects of long screentime.

5. To your hobby with your spects off:

Do a like reading a book, ironning cloths, watering plants and this should be done with your specs off. Generally, with your specs off, will help cut off some strain of eyes and cutting screen time and bringing yourself to nature will rejuvinate yourself.

6. Read a physical Book:

If you are avid reader, this will help you deviate your mind from the topic, keep you engaged and concentrating on a task will calm down your nerves.

7. Try remaining quiet for 30 mins:

Angers are like storms, they look and care for noone. If you remain quiet for 30 mins and give no reaction. The fog will settle and picture and other aspects will become more clear.You will be able to take better decisions.

8. Buy something like Clothes:

Generally, everybody likes shopping and buying clothes.This will make you leave the situation and go to market and do your favourite thing, that will calm your nerves. But remember this is quick fix.

9. Eat an delicious Ice-Cream:

Eating Ice-Cream will help you calm your nerves and sweet with chilled temperature works wonder on angers.

10. Ask for advice:

If you have to take decision in real hurry, always ask from advice from a close person who is your well wisher. Generally, other person in such situtation gives a better viewpoint.

So, this was my effort towards controlling anger. Hope it will be helpful.